Who We Are

We are a team of volunteers working together over the years to support the cause of queer and trans newcomers and refugees. We have all been personally impacted by the experience of immigration and we would like to give back to the many communities we belong to. 


Ahmad Danny Ramadan

Ahmad Danny Ramadan is an award-winning Syrian-Canadian author, public speaker, and LGBTQ-refugees activist. Since his arrival to Canada as a refugee, Ramadan published his debut award-winning novel, The Clothesline Swing.

He is currently working on multiple projects including his next novel The Foghorn Echoes, a collection of short fiction The Syrian Survival Notebook and a children's book Salma the Syrian Chef.

He serves on the board of Vancouver Pride Society and the board of Rainbow Railroad and is currently finishing his Masters in Fine Arts - Creative Writing at UBC. He lives with his husband-in-training in Vancouver.

Matthew Bowyer

Matthew, as Danny’s spouse, has been passionate about volunteering with the Evening in Damascus since 2016.

He often helps coordinate volunteers and do everything necessary behind the scenes and try to ensure everything runs smoothly while Danny is doing his amazing work onstage.

Matthew Bowyer_01 – smaller
Cee Rouhana

Cee has been Danny's friend for the past nine years.

He joined the event's team in 2016 after he moved to Vancouver. He started on the reception and now helps in the presentation and organization of the event.


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